BC, Wells Gray, 20080528
WGWI west, flowers and fungi. 

Other side of wetlands. Just photos, learning how to use Trevor's camera.

Top view of several flowers. 

Trientalis arctica [] 

Close-up of flower. 

Menyanthes trifoliata [] 

A few dry specimens in blue-cast leaves. Nice one, side view. Gorgeous scattering of fresh perfect ones in moss. Perfect fresh group in moss with sundew. Large scattering in moss. Scattered small cluster in peat. Large cluster under log. 

Pholiota vernalis [] 

Two perfect flowers among doug fir. 

Calypso bulbosa [] 

Some nice older specimens, side view. 

Lichenomphalia umbellifera [] 

Young infl with leaves, bad focus. Ant-infested inflorescence. 

Aralia nudicaulis [] 

Aged one, with fresher one knocked over, showing ring remnants and spore print nicely. Aged one, side view. 

Agrocybe praecox [] 

Cerastium vulgatum [] 

 GEN weakly ascending herb, probably not ann, d pubesc all over with septate hairs, not glandular
 LF opp, hairy, no stip
 INFL bracteate cyme on long peduncles from axils
 SEP 5, nearly separate, hairy all over back, scar marg
 PET eq sepals, white, 5, separate, bilobed but not too deeply
 STAM 5, small
 OV sup, glab
 STYLE 5, showy, white, opp sepals
H&C doesn't make it easy to separate Cerastium and Stellaria without a fruit in hand.

Nuphar variegatum [] 

 GEN pond lily
 LF cordate, acute, floating, large
3 + 3
inner three yellow, large, thick
 PET many, small, similar to stamens (!)
 STAM many, dehisc by two slits on inner surface of petal-like structure
 OV 1, sup, many chamb, many tiny ovules in each
 STYLE huge mushrooming discoid thing, yellow, many sigmatic lines, depressed in center

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